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Ischia Island Getting There...

The island of Ischia is connected to the mainland by many navigation companies
that provide frequent links from Naples. In Ischia there are about 80 Km of
roads and it is possible to travel it by car, however traffic is heavy during
summer. The public service consists of buses, taxi, and collective taxi
connecting to all parts of the island frequently. It is also possible to rent
cars, scooters, and bicycles from numerous rental shops on the island.

Arriving by Air: Upon arrival at Naples International Airport, you will need to get to the harbour - Molo Beverello, where there is a frequent ferry (traghetto) and hydrofoil (aliscafo) service to Ischia. Depending upon your time of arrival at the airport, you can catch either the 3S bus or the new ALIBUS to the harbour (which is cheap and takes about 30 mins) or take a taxi.

Arriving by Road: From Rome (A1) - From Bari (A16) - From Salerno (A30) It is better to follow the road markings for the Tangenziale (bypass) (exit No. 12) and to go on towards Pozzuoli. Then go out at the Via Campana (exit No. 12) and go on towards the Harbour of Pozzuoli (ferries only), which is about 4 km far away. You can also reach the harbour of Naples Beverello (both ferries and hydrofoils). But then you don't have to turn into the Tangenziale, but to follow the road markings for the Zona Portuale (Harbour area) and, after the exit, to go on for the harbour, which is about 5 km far from the highway.

Arriving by Train: There are no direct trains to Ischia. There are four available railway stations to reach one of the harbours of Naples:Campi Flegrei, from this station it is easy to reach the harbour of Mergellina by taxi, bus, tram or underground. Mergellina is approximately 3 km away from the railway station. Naples Mergellina. This station is more or less 200 m far from the harbour of Mergellina. Naploli Centrale or Naples Piazza Garibaldi. Both stations enable you to have an immediate access to Piazza Garibaldi, which is around 4 km far from the harbour of Naples Beverello and easily reachable by taxi, tram or bus.


It is comfortable to take a taxi in order to reach the harbour from the rail station or airport, in this case take a look at the "Fix prices table" that any taxi driver must show in his car i.e. from the rail station Centrale to the Beverello harbour the fix total price is now 9.50 EUR, not per person, nothing more, or from airport to habour of Beverello fix total price is 15 Euro

Crossing the Bay: At Molo Beverello, you have the option of taking an aliscafo or a traghetto to Ischia Porto at the north-eastern end of the island - or you can take an aliscafo directly to Forio, on the western side. These options depend on your arrival time at Molo Beverello, but please bear in mind that the last ferry for Ischia leaves Naples at 9.55pm. The aliscafo takes about 45 mins, whereas the ordinary ferry takes 90mins. There are also occasional fast (veloce) ferries which take about an hour. A single ticket on the aliscafo or fast ferry costs approximately 12 Euro, whereas the price of the ordinary ferry is only about 6 Euro and has the added advantage of providing you with beautiful views of the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius, Capri, Procida and the picturesque little harbour of Ischia Porto where you will arrive. (It is always advisable to buy single tickets as they are not transferable and you may need to return by a different method when you leave). Whether you eventually disembark at either Ischia Porto or Forio, you will need to take a taxi to your destination:
Villa Olivia, Via Baiola 129, Forio. (081 - 998426)


Eur 5.15
Eur 28.50 (car 4mt)
Eur 51.65 (camper 6mt)

Aliscafo (Hydrofoil)
Eur 11.00 (for adult)


how to reach Ischia ferries Ischia

ferries Ischia Ischia City breaks

CALL CENTER 081.0171998

CALL CENTER 081.3334411

ferries Ischia Ischia City breaks

how to reach Ischia ferries Ischia

CALL CENTER 081.4285555

CALL CENTER 081.4972238


                                 Ticket office

Ischia 081.984818 Aliscafi
Ischia 081.991953 Traghetti
Pozzuoli 081.5262711
Beverello 081.5513882

Mergellina 081.7611004
Mergellina 081.7614909
Beverello 081.5513236
Ischia Porto 081.991888
Forio 081.5071345

Pozzuoli 081.5267736
Ischia Porto 081.992803
Casamicciola 081.995658

Casamicciola 081.996974
Napoli 081.4285111


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